Agreement on Boortmalt drying charge ‘not taken lightly’ by IFA
Noel Bardon
The IFA reluctantly accepted the drying charge after negotiations between itself and Boortmalt, the farm org has said.
14 August 2022 News
Attempts to undermine suckler sector ‘economic treason’ – Cullinan
“What’s on show today is testament to the passion, commitment and investment of farmers who take great pride in what they produce,” IFA president Tim Cullinan said.
13 August 2022 Opinion
Opinion: community comes together to fight fire, while grain issues loom
A fire on our doorstep stops all talk of Boortmalt and contracts, but there are emerging issues to be addressed.
Burning tyres on Cork farm damage 20 bales of silage
A number of farm fires have taken place across the country in recent days, as heatwave conditions continue.
12 August 2022 News
Nitrates derogation and Food Vision dairy group a 'tag team' for Department
Farmers felt there was more support needed from others within the agricultural sector and voiced concerns at an IFA meeting in Co Cork on Wednesday night.
11 August 2022 News
Boortmalt imposes €12/t energy charge on growers
With the malt harvest in full swing, yield and quality are excellent, but strict protein restrictions are an issue for growers.
10 August 2022 News
Choppers turned on as straw market sluggish
With demand for straw slow and prices uncertain, farmers are turning choppers on to incorporate straw.
10 August 2022 News
Minister O’Donovan must act to prevent Shannon flooding – IFA
A delegation from IFA recently visited some of the Shannon Callows and called on the Government to implement proper management around water levels on the river.
10 August 2022 Community
Schemes for farm roof-top solar and anaerobic digestion needed – IFA
The IFA highlighted that sectors in Minister Eamon Ryan’s department see emissions benefit from farm roof-top solar and anaerobic digestion and that therefore, it should provide funding.
10 August 2022 News
Yields and prices ‘enabled’ tillage farmers to weather input cost surge - IFA
The IFA has said that while grain prices remain at “historically high levels”, farmers are now concerned about higher fertiliser prices in 2023.
9 August 2022 News
Further milk price increase needed – IFA
The IFA has highlighted global dairy markets and says they suggest that a further milk price increase for farmers is required.
8 August 2022 News
ACRES designed to ‘discourage people from farming’ – IFA
The IFA has described issues with a number of aspects of ACRES, calling for the scheme to be given an enhanced budget and greater flexibilities.
8 August 2022 News