Forestry programme delays will have ‘serious implications’ for climate target
Amy Forde
The Climate Action Plan has a target to plant 8,000ha per annum up to 2025.
Rewetting science ‘lacks clarity’ for Irish farmers
International analysis without research conducted in an Irish context is not sufficient when it comes to securing buy in for rewetting proposals, say farm organisations.
29 March 2023 News
White flag raised between climate and farmer groups
Environmentalists and farmers conceded that both must work together to achieve climate goals at a meeting in the Dáil this week.
IFA investigation into alleged canvassing issue at Donegal IFA election
Two farmers were in the running for the position of Donegal IFA chair – Joe Sweeney from Dunfanaghy and Peter Lynch from Newtowncunningham.
29 March 2023 News
‘Cultural change needed among dog owners on approach to farmland’
IFA sheep chair Kevin Comiskey said all dog owners should take heed that they are fully liable for all damage and suffering caused to farmers and their sheep by their dogs.
28 March 2023 News
Farmers need protection from intimidating dog walkers – IFA
Farmers need greater safeguards to protect them from dog walkers on their lands, the IFA has said following an alleged assault on a Wicklow farmer.
27 March 2023 News
Interim ash dieback scheme a 'serious blow' to those devastated by disease
The interim ash dieback scheme does not acknowledge the financial cost faced by farmers, the IFA has said.
27 March 2023 Forestry
IFA demands Government ‘comes clean on €1bn Brexit reserve’
Tim Cullinan said there are very mixed messages coming from Government.
24 March 2023 News
'Vital' every farmer is facilitated in participating in SCEP
The IFA has admitted that the new suckler scheme is an important first step in support of suckler farmers. However, suckler farmers need further support.
23 March 2023 News
Western farmers take delivery of northern fertiliser
The IFA’s Connacht regional chair Pat Murphy has secured cheaper fertiliser for farmers in the area.
23 March 2023 News
IFA to examine co-op for potato growers
Maybe we’re better off with one voice, rather than 200-300 voices or maybe several smaller co-ops that might have 20 or 30 growers, Barry Mitchell, vice-chair of the IFA potato committee said.
22 March 2023 News
Farmer views: potato growers at boiling point on price
There was immense frustration at an IFA potato grower meeting last week, with growers frustrated by the price and demand for their product.
22 March 2023 News