Feeding plants with more than N, P and K is essential
Siobhán Walsh
Robbie Byrne of Precision Nutrition talked through some of the major and minor elements needed for crop growth.
2 March 2022 News
Nutrition, fertiliser and grain sales
There was plenty of information to be gathered at last week’s ITLUS spring workshop.
24 December 2021 Crops
Canola crushing is targeting food and sustainability
It was interesting to see an Australian company targeting sustainability along the chain for its Auzure vegetable oil products.
Tillage Podcast: microgeneration scheme, Australia and highlights of the year
On the last Tillage Podcast of the year, the team run through details of the new microgeneration scheme, the ITLUS Australian trip, potato harvest results, markets and their highlights of the year
23 December 2021 News
Sustainability starts with the soil
Sustainability takes on a whole new meaning on this Australian farm. Andy Doyle reports.
22 December 2021 Climate and environment
Three weeks of agricultural visits in Australia
Almost 7,000km of road travel took the ITLUS tour to many different and interesting locations when they visited Australia last year.
22 December 2021 Crops
Commodities is all about logistics – Lowry
Logistics is playing a huge role in the current rise in commodity prices which are now at 10-year highs according to Eoin Lowry.
8 December 2021 News
Fertiliser woes are global and not just short term
Liam Woulfe gave an insight into fertiliser markets at the Irish Tillage and Land Use Society's winter conference last week. Here's where he think markets are heading.
8 December 2021 News
Eco scheme obligation likely to increase further in 2028 - Department
The Department of Agriculture has said that the percentage of direct payments which are dependent on participation in eco schemes is likely to increase further in 2028, after the next CAP has ended.
2 December 2021 News
Seed multiplication Australian style
Continuously stressed margins can pressure seed businesses, royalty collection and impact on the development of new and better varieties.
29 November 2021 Crops
Tillage conference to go online
The Irish Tillage and Land Use Society’s winter conference looks to be the latest event to move online.
24 November 2021 News
Carving and defending a new niche – persimmons
Continuing with my ITLUS tour report to Australia in 2020, our first visit in New South Wales was to a persimmon grower and most of us had not previously even heard of the crop.
1 November 2021 Crops