Factories try to apply pressure on beef trade
Adam Woods
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade including factory prices for finished stock.
3 August 2022 News
Markets already earmarked for extra organic produce - Good Herdsmen
Managing director of Good Herdsman, John Purcell, spoke to Rachel Donovan at Biofach in Nuremburg, Germany, last week about future markets for organic produce.
1 June 2022 Markets
Sheep mart prices: buoyant trade lifting ewe entries
The presence of buyers sourcing ewes for exporting live or in carcase form and in many cases outbidding factory agents is attracting higher numbers to the ring.
Sheep mart prices: lower entries creating more competition
Hogget throughput has reduced to a miniscule percentage of throughput, while spring lamb numbers have not increased to a level to satisfy strong market demand.
11 May 2022 Markets
SheepWatch: increased demand lifts hoggets by €3 to €5 per head
Factory agents have been given more licence to compete for hoggets and are keen to maintain their share of the market with numbers in many mart sales also reducing.
9 March 2022 Markets
Sheep Watch: hoggets up €1 to €3 as cull ewes top €200/head
Reports of over €200 being paid for ewes relate to individual ewes weighing as high as 110kg and possessing excellent conformation.
23 February 2022 Markets