Dairygold extends free counselling programme to farmer shareholders
Declan O'Brien
The Cork-based co-op said that an increase in input costs was piling additional pressure and stress on farmers.
9 May 2022 News
‘Poor’ or ‘below average’ wellbeing reported by 27% of farmers
Animal disease outbreaks, rural crime and isolation can all be a source of farmer stress, an academic has said.
27 April 2022 Careers
A listening ear for overwhelmed vets
Andy Mayne and Louise Taylor volunteer for the helpline Vet Support, which helps vets deal with overwhelm. They speak to Ilka Denker about their experience from Vet Support and their own vet careers
Farmers no longer feel valued, MPs told
A frank assessment of mental health within UK agriculture was presented by Jude McCann, who heads up the Farming Community Network.
27 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Over 40% of veterinary professionals experiencing ‘abnormal’ stress levels
A Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) mental health study found that veterinary nurses and vets in non-managerial roles experience higher anxiety levels.
25 April 2022 News
Eat, sleep, work, repeat! Vicious cycle leaves no time for a healthy lifestyle
“If only I had the time, money and motivation, I would be able to change my bad habits.” Don’t change everything, change just one thing at a time is the advice from the experts. Writes Amii McKeever
20 April 2022 Amii
Lambing delivers a form of therapy
Derek Robinson had some extra help on hand to assist with lambing on his Co Down farm.
6 April 2022 Farmer Writes
Sometimes, a little added pressure is just what we need
Weighted blankets have been proven to improve sleep quality and overall health. Janine Kennedy speaks with an Irish entrepreneur who specialises in these heavy items.
6 April 2022 Features
‘In Syria, it was the same life, playing sports and going to school’
In February, the Irish Farmers Journal and Macra na Feirme hosted a group of Afghan and Syrian refugees at Tullamore Farm. Amii McKeever went to meet them.
15 March 2022 Features
Mental health organisation seeks volunteers to share mental health stories
See Change, Ireland’s organisation dedicated to ending mental health stigma, opens applications for volunteers to share experiences of mental health difficulties to reduce stigma and discrimination.
Milk lorries to drive rural mental health campaign
Farming can be a demanding and tough occupation for some, according to Cork dairy farmer Peter Hynes.
9 March 2022 News
‘I did a week’s work experience on a mixed farm; and I never looked back’
In a new series profiling international farmers, Flavian Obiero explains how he became a pig farmer – almost by accident – after moving from Kenya to the UK.
23 February 2022 Features