All-island ‘Irish grown’ wool brand needed – study
Barry Murphy
The Wool Feasibility Study suggests that there are market opportunities in wool’s use as a fertiliser, in insulation and as a growing medium.
NI round-up: fertiliser, diesel and bale wrap prices
There are deals to be had for some key farming inputs this week.
8 June 2022 News
Northern problems for fertiliser database plan
Serious concerns have been raised by industry stakeholders around how purchases from Northern Ireland can be recorded by the database.
Summer health problems and solutions
Adam Woods previews this week’s special summer animal health focus.
8 June 2022 Markets
Lack of clover-safe spray causing issues for farmers and merchants
Along with supply issues, it has been reported that clover-safe sprays will see a 15% increase in price.
8 June 2022 News
No chink of light for wool markets
Quotes for this season’s wool are still relatively slow to materialise, with merchants continuing to wait and see if demand from China improves.
1 June 2022 News
Silage wrap up €30/roll with costs set to further increase
Silage wrap prices are up over 30% on last year, and manufacturers say they are set to further increase in the near future.
25 May 2022 News
Fertiliser buying activity drops off
Quotes for fertiliser have started to show regional differences, with merchants reporting reduced buying activity.
18 May 2022 News
Opinion: sensible decisions rendered seemingly reckless
The senseless invasion of Ukraine has made forward selling a loss-making operation for farmers, and there are no easy solutions.
14 May 2022 Opinion
Delay offers a chance to defuse veterinary medicines timebomb
Farmers, vets and merchants all have concerns around the National Veterinary Prescribing System that need to be allayed.
11 May 2022 Dealer
Price gap between bulk and bagged feed widens
Increased feed costs combined with increased plastic and timber costs is widening the price gap between bulk and bagged feeds.
11 May 2022 News
Fertiliser prices remain high
Fertiliser prices remain high as old, expensive stocks remain in merchants’ yards.
11 May 2022 News