Dairy farmers protest in Cork over derogation
Tommy Moyles
Dairy farmers gathered in Carrigaline and Cork city on Friday to protest outside the offices of a trio of senior cabinet ministers.
30 September 2023 News
‘Food is most nutritious when you source it locally’ - Tánaiste
Tánaiste Micheál Martin honed in on the importance of locally produced food in Ireland.
18 September 2023 News
Taoiseach not attending Ploughing 2023
There will be a somewhat poor attendance from Government leaders at Ploughing 2023.
Derogation farmers in limbo
The cut to the derogation and the lack of clarity around what parts of the country will be included in this cut has caused huge consternation over the last week.
13 September 2023 News
Talking about protests becomes protests about talking
The IFA effectively told Charlie McConalogue to "go in and get your daddy" on Monday, as months of frustration boiled over.
13 September 2023 News
No tea, coffee nor cocoa for Micheál in Nenagh
Tánaiste Micheál Martin went on a canvas around the businesses of Nenagh in Co Tipperary on Monday but despite his efforts, he couldn't even get a cup of coffee.
13 September 2023 News
Government to see if it can ‘alleviate’ derogation cut pressures
The Government will see what it might be able to do to take pressure off derogation farmers facing a stocking rate cut, an Tánaiste Micheál Martin has said.
12 September 2023 Letters
Retaining derogation for 2026 a big challenge - Tánaiste
An Tánaste Micheál Martin was speaking at his party's annual think-in, where he sat down with the IFA to discuss changes to the nitrates derogation.
11 September 2023 News