Northern Ireland
Challenge to hold what output we have
David Wright
Any new milk coming forward in NI might simply replace that lost as others retire out of the industry.
16 July 2022 Schemes
New ACRES will be challenging for farmers to access - ICSA
The ICSA has challenged Minister McConalogue to demonstrate how the ACRES scheme will bring any worthwhile benefits to active, commercial farmers.
3 July 2022 News
$1bn 8,000 head a day new entrant to shake up US beef processing
Biden administration looks like it will get its wish for more competition in beef processing as investors plan new factory in South Dakota.
Editorial: successes in dairy should be celebrated
The co-operative model both in the context of dairy processing and route to market has proved its strength to farmers.
22 June 2022 Viewpoints
Jack Kennedy responds to Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
“Knowing the time you as a co-op chair, and your fellow directors have to give up to represent fellow milk suppliers, I fully respect decisions at the board table” - Jack Kennedy, IFJ.
4 May 2022 Letters
Letter from Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
"Our financial ability is not and will not be lacking if future processing options make sense" - Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
27 April 2022 Letters
Opinion: Lakeland peak penalty proposal rushed and unfair
I just feel the current proposal to install a peak penalty is poorly thought out and hasn’t been discussed or understood enough by suppliers, writes Jack Kennedy.
24 April 2022 Opinion
Lakeland moves suppliers against sustainability
In a world where sustainability is going up the priority list for milk suppliers and dairy co-ops, it’s unfortunate to see Lakeland directors taking the co-op in the opposite direction.
20 April 2022 News
Cart before horse on some Food Vision recommendations
The stakeholder group meeting to discuss the future direction of the dairy industry have some work to do to improve on recent documents circulated.
10 April 2022 News
Cap cow numbers for new entrants, dairy group proposes
A common policy on milk intake from new entrants has been proposed by the Food Vision dairy group.
8 April 2022 News
Lakeland peak milk scheme - the implications
Kieran Mailey and Aidan Brennan look at the implications of the new Lakeland peak milk scheme on suppliers in the north and south.
6 April 2022 Markets
Editorial: dairy farmers urgently need processing and policy clarity
Lakeland's two-tiered pricing policy: It is the first time we have seen a co-op voluntarily decide to curtail peak milk production and pause new entrants.
6 April 2022 Editorial