A challenging year with a silver lining
Derek Robinson
It was a difficult summer and autumn to keep contract-reared dairy heifers well-fed and healthy, writes Derek Robinson
25 October 2023 News
Department fines farmers for excessive poaching
There were a number of areas under Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) requirements where farmers were penalised in 2022.
18 October 2023 Grass & feeding
Poor weather leading to low utilisation
The wet weather is making grazing extremely difficult, and farmers are reporting that utilisation has been poor, with cattle walking grass in to the ground.
Eye on spring 2024 as grazing season enters final stage
For those still at grass, setting the farm up for spring 2024 should be in the back of your mind as you allocate paddocks.
11 October 2023 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: grazing struggles see a reprieve with improved weather
The warmer and more settled weather may allow some farmers who housed cows over the past week or so to get them back out again.
7 October 2023 Grass & feeding
Dairy management: weather woes on heavy land
Aidan Brennan writes that extremely high rainfall in September is making grazing very difficult for farmers.
2 October 2023 Management
Challenging grazing conditions hit hard
The heavy rainfall and storm like conditions have made grazing challenging on even the driest farms, write Martin Merrick and Declan Collins.
27 September 2023 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: tough conditions leading to more management
The heavy rainfall over the last few days has quickly saturated ground and made grazing off heavy covers tricky.
23 September 2023 Grass & feeding
Opinion: banning sheep off stubbles would have consequences
The decision to require a grass lie-back area for livestock grazing cover crops has a much more profound implication - sheep are no longer allowed to graze stubbles.
27 August 2023 Opinion
Lie-back rule will cause cover crop die-back
The decision to force farmers to have an acre of grass lie-back for every acre of cover crop being grazed seems nonsensical. And on closer inspection, it is indeed, nonsensical.
23 August 2023 Dealer