Ireland still on high alert for bluetongue threat – Department
Amy Forde
The Department has said it is continuing to monitor the bluetongue situation closely in Britain.
19 February 2024 News
Vigilance of birth defects this spring due to Schmallenberg and bluetongue urged
The Department has urged farmers to submit deformed calves and lambs for testing to increase the surveillance for both the Schmallenberg and bluetongue viruses.
27 December 2023 Management
Sheep Management: liver fluke warning, scanning records and sheep census
Liver fluke dosing plans may need to be reviewed for higher vigilance of issues following the identification of unusually late cases of acute/sub-acute liver fluke.
Liver fluke warning as deaths seen in eight-month-old weanlings
The warning from the Animal Health Surveillance Unit is based on unusually late cases of acute liver fluke in sheep and sub-acute disease in cattle.
23 December 2023 Breeding & health