Manufacturing enough film to cover 18 million round bales in the southeast
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Gary Abbott and Peter Thomas Keaveney visited the Silawrap factory in Wexford to follow the step-by-step process involved in making 640,000 rolls of plastic annually.
30 March 2022 News
Feed price increases – warranted or not?
Retail feed prices that farmers are paying seem to be going up and up - is it justified and will it continue?
23 March 2022 Markets
Dairy Trends: prices push on further – even for cheese
Milk price at the farmgate continues to track upwards following commodity prices. However, the retail price is not yet matching the commodity price increases.
Dairy Trends: no big retail milk price increases just yet - supply still tight
Tight milk supplies and farmgate milk price rises have not yet turned into retail price rises.
12 January 2022 News
Strong retail demand drives beef prices
Adam Woods has the latest data on retail beef sales, and it’s looking positive.
7 July 2021 Markets
Retail sales growth slowing
The latest Kantar data for the 12 weeks ending 21 March shows the increase in grocery sales slowing down.
7 April 2021 News
Ireland urged to follow Spanish example on below-cost selling ban
The Spanish government has proposed a link between production costs and sales contracts in a bid to prevent below-cost selling.
2 March 2020 News
Teagasc to conduct sweeping review of QPS grid payment system
Last week’s Beef Market Taskforce meeting recommended that Teagasc conduct a wide-scale review of the current QPS grid. Adam Woods reports.
15 January 2020 News
UK kill forecast to fall by 265,000 head from January to May 2020
There is expected to be a 100,000 head lower carryover of hoggets and 165,000 fewer new-season lambs in 2020, writes Darren Carty.
11 December 2019 Markets
In full: the key issues discussed at the beef talks
Barry Cassidy and Hannah Quinn-Mulligan break down what was discussed at the beef stakeholder talks on Monday 12 August.
14 August 2019 News
Beef prices: supermarket prices at odds opposite with farmer prices
The retail price of beef in British supermarkets, which are some of the biggest buyers of Irish beef, has increased in the last year.
10 July 2019 News
Young bull price collapse threatens weanling trade
Beef prices have dropped again this week, with farmers taking a serious hit on prices, write Phelim O'Neill and Adam Woods.
10 July 2019 News