Farmers find their feet in Donaghadee
Adam Woods
Adam Woods visited a Northern Ireland beef discussion group recently to find out what issues are affecting Northern Ireland beef farmers.
3 January 2022 Grass & feeding
Preparing for another grazing season
John Crowe discusses the importance of an early spring grass walk and setting up the first couple of grazings before calving starts.
11 December 2021 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: preparing for spring
Take time now to assess grazing infrastructure to get more days at grass next spring, writes John Crowe.
Dairy Management: dosing and roadway repairs
Aidan Brennan goes through the dosing requirements for dairy cows this winter.
8 December 2021 Management
Dairy Management: grazing high covers and buying fertiliser
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers grazing through high autumn grass covers.
22 September 2021 Management
Dairy management: reducing lameness in autumn
Autumn can be a tricky season for lameness in dairy cows, writes Aidan Brennan.
20 September 2021 Management
Where should farmers invest to get best return?
Patrick Tuohy and John Upton discuss farm infrastructure for sustainable milk production on dairy farms.
8 September 2021 Moorepark
Dairy Management: getting the infrastructure right to keep cows out longer
John Crowe discusses what infrastructure is required to maximise days at grass this autumn
16 August 2021 Grass & feeding
Motorcyclist dies following collision with tractor and jeep
The incident happened in Co Donegal on Sunday afternoon.
25 July 2021 News
Forestry licences running 27% ahead of 2020
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has given an update on his department’s processing of forestry licences.
27 June 2021 News
Recapping on new nitrates watercourse and roadway rules
The new farm roadway rules which came into effect on 1 January concern all farmers while the watercourse fencing and water trough location rules apply to farmers exceeding a stocking rate of 170kg/ha.
16 June 2021 Infrastructure
Strong correlation between good infrastructure and labour efficiency
Good farm infrastructure generally allows tasks to be carried out in a more efficient manner while there is also a strong correlation with positive animal performance and prevention of health issues.
16 June 2021 Infrastructure