Steady cattle and sluggish sheep trade so far in 2023
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Mark Zieg, Bord Bia beef, meat and livestock manager, and Seamus McMenamin, sheepmeat and livestock manager, look at trade.
12 April 2023 Markets
EU sheepmeat production to fall by 1.2% in 2023
The significant fall in sheep and goat production is stemming from the number of sheep and goats on farms in December 2022 falling by an estimated 1.5m head.
12 April 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: hoggets exceed €7/kg, lambs €8/kg
Kildare Chilling has increased its base quote for hoggets by 30c/kg on last week’s level, while the two ICM plants have lifted their lamb quote by 30c/kg.
EU sheepmeat imports to rise by 8% in 2023
The European Commission said that the additional 8% of sheepmeat imports this year “are expected to put some pressure on high EU prices”.
9 April 2023 News
Easter buying bolstering Ramadan demand
Factories are keen to maximise their throughput and this is reflected in last week’s kill increasing by almost 14,000 head to reach 67,085.
29 March 2023 News
EU sheepmeat imports increase by 15% in 2022
The European Commission has released final figures for 2022, which show the volume of sheepmeat imported increasing to 156,045t.
25 March 2023 Markets
Continued positive growth in sheepmeat exports to Germany
Volumes exported to the German market increased by 2,743t, or 29%, on 2021 levels with the market recording the highest level of growth in 2022.
15 March 2023 Markets
Consumer demand for lamb on the drop
Bord Bia market analysis suggests that fewer consumers are opting to put lamb on the kitchen table, compared to 2020.
8 March 2023 News
UK sheep production forecast to increase by 8% to 9% in 2023
A significant lift in production and a further hit in consumption of 8% is set to increase export volumes by some 15%.
8 March 2023 Markets
Brexit funding needed for sheep sector - ICSA
The ICSA renewed its calls for a mobilisation of funds to farmers in the sheep sector.
8 March 2023 News
Tough start to 2023 for sheepmeat
Seamus McMenamin, sheepmeat and livestock manager at Bord Bia, explains why sheep producers have had such a tough time recently.
Chinese sheepmeat imports down 100,000t for January to November 2022
The sharp drop in sheepmeat imports has created volatility in global sheepmeat markets, with New Zealand’s sheepmeat sector particularly exposed.
29 January 2023 Markets