Product integrity back in focus in UK
Phelim O'Neill
UK investigation into possibility of non-UK beef being passed off as British in a supermarket chain.
8 March 2023 Dealer
Security tags on supermarket beef
Not only do cattle have to have tags all their lives but now they need them on the supermarket shelf as well.
5 March 2023 News
Framework is a practical fix, not a political one
The Windsor Framework may not be as perfect as the salesman in the UK prime minister suggests, but it makes a worthwhile effort to fix protocol problems.
Margaret Leahy: this is the year to start supporting Irish vegetable farmers
Vegetable growers work really hard only to have their produce compete with cheaper alternatives on supermarket shelves. It's time to start asking for them to be front and centre, writes Margaret Leahy
1 March 2023 Features
Price hike needed to hold spud growers
IFA warns of an exodus from potato growing because of the increased cost of land rental, fertiliser, fuel and storage.
1 March 2023 News
Retailers commit to reduce meat and dairy and disclose protein sources
As Lidl Germany commit to reducing animal proteins in their offering, they reflect a growing trend in the market in which corporate commitments often go beyond legislative requirements.
1 March 2023 News
Tomatoes and cucumbers in short supply
January frost, snow and rain in Spain have led to a reduced supply of tomatoes and cucumbers to the Irish and UK markets.
21 February 2023 News
Changing route to market for beef and lamb
Food shopper behaviour for beef and lamb has meant that they have reduced volumes to fit the amount of money they have to spend.
10 February 2023 News
Brexit going back to go forward
Landing zone being identified for Brexit protocol solution is not guaranteed political success.
8 February 2023 News
Factory leagues: record spread in prices paid for cattle
Factory prices jumped in 2022 and so too did the gap for the widest price gap.
25 January 2023 News
Out-of-date chicken recalled in supermarkets
The chicken was sold fresh, but the pathogen salmonella typhimurium was detected.
24 January 2023 News
Egg prices rise for consumers but not farmers
Egg producers claim they are not seeing the egg price increases promised when they stood down protests last year.
20 January 2023 Poultry