Irish Grass-Fed Beef PGI on the shelf in Italy
Phelim O'Neill
It has taken a long time since the original application, but Irish Grass-Fed Beef has finally arrived on the supermarket shelves in Italy. The Irish Farmers Journal travelled to have a look.
17 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Supermarkets are not profiteering, MLAs told
Analysis by the Competitions and Markets Authority has found supermarkets have not used food price inflation to grow their profits.
13 March 2024 News
Vegetable growers willing to 'throw in the towel'
An IFA horticulture meeting heard that retailer resistance to increasing prices and rising costs are pushing growers out of the sector.
Grocery inflation continues to fall according to latest Kantar report
Inflation dropped to slowest rate in almost two years, while still remaining close to 5%.
4 March 2024 News
Dempsey at Large: Not just in Ireland
UK farmers have always been slow to protest as disruptively as on the continent, but the underlying factors are the same.
28 February 2024 Viewpoints
IFA meets supermarkets on price cut campaigns
The IFA said it engaged with all main retailers recently, particularly the two discount retailers Lidl and Aldi.
28 February 2024 News
Supermarkets only worry about supply, MPs told
Representatives from various farming sectors briefed MPs in Westminster on Tuesday, as part of an ongoing inquiry into fairness within the food supply chain.
10 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmers won’t tolerate cuts to their margins, IFA warns
Any reduction in farmers margins will inevitably lead to farmers going out of business, as has already happened in the vegetable selector, the IFA warned.
4 January 2024 News
Christmas bonanza for UK supermarkets
Shoppers returned to UK supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas in numbers not seen since before COVID-19.
3 January 2024 News
Retailer price wars first real test for Agri-Food Regulator - ICMSA
The impact supermarket price wars can have on farmer margins is among the first issues to be raised by the new leader of the ICMSA.
3 January 2024 News
Farmers cannot be on the ‘frontline of another retail war’ - IFA
IFA president Tim Cullinan has warned that price wars between retailers should not decrease farmers’ margins.
3 January 2024 News
Price of Christmas dinner jumps 3.2% to €34.17
Some ingredients are costing as much as 25% more this Christmas compared to last year.
20 December 2023 News