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91% of those surveyed feed farm contractors, but why?
In a letter to the editor, a reader sparked a debate about providing meals for contractors, and we decided to dig deeper, and get a sense of the national outlook. Here's what the public had to say.
15 June 2022 Features
A week in the country: feeding contractors, elder and a vintage tractor
Found out what caught the eye of the Irish Country Living team this week
15 June 2022 News
Increase in tillage earnings outstrip total increases in all other sectors
The average family farm income rose by 26% in Ireland in 2021 to just over €34,300.
Survey: Do you feed silage contractors
A Tipperary reader has written to us expressing her frustration, and the frustration of other women, at having to feed silage contractors in 2022. We want your input to this debate.
25 May 2022 Reader writes
Average price nears £11,000/ac in Antrim
Antrim is the fourth most expensive county to buy land in NI and it ranks 13th across the island of Ireland.
26 March 2022 Northern Ireland
Price and supply both rise sharply
Tyrone is now in second place across northern counties for average land price, up from fourth place in last year’s land report.
24 March 2022 Northern Ireland
The cost of a family home retrofit is as individual as the family itself
Home energy retrofits, prescribed by the Climate Action Plan will predominantly be paid for by home owners. Amii McKeever spoke to David Flannery, senior adviser with Electric Ireland Superhomes.
19 January 2022 Features