Mandatory BVD tissue tagging rolls over to 2024
Darren Carty
The national eradication programme is entering its 12th year with hopes that Ireland can apply for BVD-free status and soon bring a conclusion to tissue tagging.
2 December 2023 Management
Ensuring compliance with sheep animal identification requirements
There were in excess of 350 tagging and flock register breaches identified in cross-compliance inspections in 2022, with approximately 170 of these receiving a penalty.
29 November 2023 News
Big changes in animal identification
A new national genotyping programme, changes to suckler breeding indexes, an application for BVD-free status and transitioning to EID bovine tagging are all new topics in animal identification.
Almost 2,000 farmers in breach of cattle tagging rules
Hundreds of cattle farmers were found to be in breach of cattle identification and registration requirements in 2022.
25 October 2023 News
Seventy farmers fined for sheep tagging issues
There was a total of almost 1,300 inspections carried out on farms regarding sheep identification and registration in 2022.
25 October 2023 News
Schemes update: being prepared for a sheep inspection
Tagging issues, failure to maintain an up-to-date flock register and failure to notify the Department of animal movements are common issues which crop up each year in cross compliance inspections.
20 October 2023 Management
English government to bring in EID tagging for all cattle
Farmers in England could soon be asked to EID tag all calves to aid a new registration and animal traceability system.
26 September 2023 News
BVD tissue tagging looks set to continue for 2024
Tissue tagging will be required again for calves born in 2024 but there has been no confirmation of the decision and farm organisations want the cost of BVD sampling covered.
13 September 2023 Schemes
Fertiliser database leading to ‘ever-increasing’ bureaucracy - INHFA
The INHFA has hit out at Government for loading a “tsunami” of red tape on farmers.
28 August 2023 News
Mart integrity central to future trading
Marts have grown their throughput, with traders valuing the transparent auction system more than ever, but marts have to ensure high standards are maintained to future-proof their businesses.
16 August 2023 Marts
BVD map: herds in border counties urged to be ‘especially careful’
While all herds must take precautions to safeguard against BVD, the chief executive of Animal Health Ireland has said that those along the border need to be “especially careful”.
14 August 2023 News
Weekend weather: unsettled with spells of rain
Met Éireann predicts a rather unsettled weekend, with spells of rain at times.
21 July 2023 News