DNA calf registration can be scaled up – ICBF
Adam Woods
Adam Woods takes a look at the results of the ICBF DNA pilot calf registration programme.
18 January 2023 Calves
Swift removal key to higher BVD compensation payments
The BVD Financial Supports Programme offers higher payments where beef calves, beef x dairy cross calves and dairy heifers are removed from the herd within 10 days of a positive/inconclusive BVD test
17 January 2023 Management
Labour-saving tips for lambing 2023
Getting preparation completed before lambing kicks off will help ease the workload when the time comes.
Dairy and beef farmers to receive €2.2m for BVD tag testing in 2023
The minister praised the significant efforts made by farmers in the past decade on BVD.
28 December 2022 News
UFU takes tough stance on new BVD rules
New legislation is being proposed which would give DAERA powers to restrict herds that do not test newborn calves for BVD.
28 December 2022 Northern Ireland
€1.7m paid out in electronic tag scheme
Minister McConalogue stated that the roll-out of electronic tags will benefit farmers, factories and vets.
14 December 2022 News
New technologies offer huge opportunities
From robotic milking and automatic feeding systems to early identification of health issues and fast-tracking advancements in breeding, animal identification technologies are a key part of efficiency.
30 November 2022 News
Vets get TB testing pay increase
The money vets receive from the Department for TB testing cattle has risen, with back payments on the way for 2020, 2021 and 2022.
25 November 2022 News
Over half of farmers inspected breach cattle-tagging rules
Last year, 3,607 cattle identification and registration inspections were carried out and of this number 2,255 failed the inspection.
2 November 2022 News
Plans for new BVD measures set out
The latest figures show that 141 BVD positive calves are alive in 98 herds across NIorthern Ireland.
26 October 2022 Northern Ireland