BVD funding ‘an insult’ - IFA
Anne O'Donoghue
IFA animal health chair TJ Maher said the Department of Agriculture failed to deliver a comprehensive support package for the BVD eradication programme.
28 March 2024 News
Increased BVD funding for farmers confirmed
Farmers will receive an increased payment per calf, up to 25 calves, under the BVD national eradication programme.
23 February 2024 News
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
Catch up on the latest on beef prices, tagging and genotyping issues, plus the opening of the BISS.
Watching out for farmers
Farmers getting messages with different sample numbers compared to what they sent away is hopefully just a blip in communications.
21 February 2024 Viewpoints
Mullinahone tagging colours
The Dealer is genotyping all newborns in an attempt to do our bit to find the real number plate for each calf.
21 February 2024 Dealer
Five routine management jobs after calving
Once the cow calves, there will be some routine management jobs that need completing.
17 February 2024 Management
BVD support payments to continue in ROI
Support payments will continue on BVD testing calves born on suckler and dairy farms in ROI during 2024.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Department finalising BVD support package
Tissue tagging of calves under the BVD national eradication programme entered its 12th year in 2024.
6 February 2024 News
Discount deals available for livestock tags
Price discounts are available on identification tags, provided farmers shop around between distributors.
31 January 2024 Northern Ireland
BVD sample postage costs to rise from February
Postage costs for BVD tissue samples will have almost tripled in 10 years when the February cost rise is implemented.
24 January 2024 News
Protocol for registering calves in genotyping programme
Erin Kennedy from ICBF outlines the protocol for farmers participating in the National Genotyping Programme this spring.
17 January 2024 Calves
Calving mayhem about to kick off
Aidan Brennan takes a look at what is being covered in the first of the two special Focus features on calves.
17 January 2024 Calves