Childcare in Ireland- reaction to Core Funding
Ciara Leahy
Core Funding is the new government model through which childcare funding will be appropriated but its not working for small providers, writes Ciara Leahy.
22 June 2022 Consumer
Childcare in Ireland: hard to find, harder to pay for
Childcare in Ireland, which is ranked among the worst in OECD countries will be the focus of a four-week investigative series. In our first instalment, Ciara Leahy looks at the real-life experience.
22 June 2022 Ask Miriam
Bringing daughter's cousins on days out is costing me a fortune
Dear Miriam, I'm happy to bring my daughter’s cousins on days out; but it’s costing me a fortune.
Childcare Series-The International Perspective
According to OECD reports, Sweden is ranked number one in Europe for childcare. But what does that mean on for families? Parents Gerry and Susannah McCarthy tell Ciara Leahy about their experience.
22 June 2022 Features
Upcycling: The Friesian fashionista
Wexford student Ella White took inspiration from the family farm for her award-winning costume in her school’s ‘recycle fashion show’, writes Maria Moynihan.
Irish teacher on living with the reality of school shootings in the US
Teacher Annie Burke from Tipperary has been teaching elementary school children in the US for six years. After the Uvalde school shooting, she spoke with Amii McKeever.
8 June 2022 Features
Legal Matters: ‘right of wife to take children’s inheritance’
Agri solicitor Aisling Meehan answers a reader query relating to a separating couple. The wife wants to move into a house bought for a child as inheritance that is currently rented to a tenant.
8 June 2022 Features
Protect your children: store medicines and pesticides safely
Margaret Hawkins gets some tips from the director of the National Poisons Information Centre, Dr Edel Duggan, on how to keep your children safe from poisons in the home.
25 May 2022 Health
'There are perfect parents, they just haven't had any kids yet'
As a mom of five, child psychologist Catherine Hallissey knows children but supporting their parents is how she really supports her young clients. Amii McKeever reports.
25 May 2022 Features
I’m struggling with my workaholic husband
Dear Miriam, my husband is a perfectionist and a workaholic and I'm really struggling.
18 May 2022 Ask Miriam
I’ve been invited to an adult-only wedding but I’m still breastfeeding my baby
Dear Miriam, I’ve been invited to an adult-only wedding but I’m still breastfeeding my baby. What should I say when I RSVP?
11 May 2022 Ask Miriam
My daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
4 May 2022 Ask Miriam