Northern Ireland
Feed prices steady but fertiliser in retreat
Kieran Mailey
Feed prices are holding steady in to June, but nitrogen continues to fall in value.
27 April 2022 Markets
Over €6/kg beef price needed to cover costs
Adam Woods takes a look how escalating costs are hitting beef finishers.
27 April 2022 Northern Ireland
NI ration prices up again for May
Feed merchants indicate that ration prices will rise again in May, as the cost of grains and proteins continues to increase.
Cooking oil rationed as palm oil price surges
Indonesia introduced a ban on exports of palm oil last as rationing of cooking oil grows.
27 April 2022 News
Thrive: stamping out navel sucking before it becomes a real problem
Navel sucking can be a real problem in the calf rearing shed if calves are allowed to develop the habit. Early intervention is key to preventing it.
27 April 2022 Management
Reducing the risk of slippage in silage clamps
During a recent industry webinar, farmers were given advice on different ways to prevent clamp slippage with grass silage.
20 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Grennans releases farmers from milk-price contracts
The move by the Birr-based feed company is worth close to 10c/l on contracted volumes for participating farmers.
6 April 2022 News
Feed prices set for £20/t increase in April
The rise in feed inputs means livestock ration prices will see a further £20/t increase.
30 March 2022 Northern Ireland
€30/t concentrate price rise ‘won’t be the last’
The latest price rise sees feed costs running as much as €120/t ahead of the same time last year.
15 March 2022 News
Five tips to ad-lib finishing spring-born bulls
Spring-born bulls that will be slaughtered by 16 months of age should be moving on to ad-lib concentrates. Here are five tips to managing bulls through the final finishing phase.
12 March 2022 Management
Watch: 55 cows calved and lambing commenced
Niamh Gunn was back on Tullamore Farm to chat with Shaun Diver about this week’s grass cover.
11 March 2022 News
Letter regarding contents of the ration being used in Teagasc Athenry
"Not one kilo of native grain in the ration" - Seamus Holden, by email
9 March 2022 Letters