From its inception, Tanco has used innovative designs and processes to create high-output agricultural machines for the production of forage.

Products included in the Tanco range are square and round bale wrappers, bale feeding implements, bale handlers and, recently, mower conditioners.

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Tanco uses innovative designs and processes to create machinery that is valued not only for consistency, functionality and durability, but for uncompromising quality.

Along the way, Tanco has patented dozens of game-changing innovations, positioning it as a respected and responsive brand within the agricultural world.

The latest breakthrough product from Tanco is the Autocut range of mower conditioners.

Tanco has been developing the Autocut system for the last six years and offers two models for 29ft and 32ft triple mowing.

The mower conditioners are differentiated from the competition thanks to a trailed system for the rear mower beds, which, among many benefits, reduces drag and stress on the tractor, which in turn reduces horsepower requirements and fuel consumption.

Tanco is ISO 9001:2015 certified and implements the latest manufacturing and production processes at its facility in Carlow to ensure the highest level of quality standards.

Latest processes

The latest manufacturing processes are employed, with robotic cutting, bending and welding.

The assembly and testing areas similarly use unique and innovative approaches to ensure the highest standards of automation and efficiency to produce Tanco’s products.

Tanco continues to set new benchmarks in the industry. It is this commitment and obsession that drives the company towards its next great idea.

Tanco has built a strong relationship with its customers based on trust and reliability, with shared values and priorities.

Farmers trust Tanco products, depend on Tanco products and expect only the highest level of quality, innovation and durability.

As a supplier of harvesting equipment, Tanco understands the demands for crops to be harvest-gathered at just the right time in order to maximise returns.

Operators who invest in Tanco’s products can be assured that they have a product that is not only pioneering, but will be there when needed.

Tanco's pursuit of uncompromising quality means its customers increase output, avoid downtime and ensure optimum harvesting conditions are maximised.

Working with a combination of local dealers and international distributors, Tanco responds to the needs of its customers whether in Busan, South Korea; Beauvais, France; or Munich, Germany. Farmers trust Tanco products.