The upcoming AgDif masterclass on cognitive diversity aims to teach business owners about the benefits of diversification in the work place; helping your business and team to thrive.

This session, which will be opened by group head of sustainability at Dawn Meats & Dunbia Gill Higgins, will also feature contributions from Ornua and AsIAmIreland.

The agri-food diversity and inclusion forum AgDif is a collaborative initiative, led by Bord Bia and Aon, in partnership with The 30% Club.

AgDif’s overall mission is for the Irish food and drink industry to be seen as the industry of choice, for the best talent.

2020 webinars

Throwing it back to a very successful 2020 masterclass on superior confidence, co-chair Michelle Walsh opened the online class, by reminding participants of AgDif’s purpose.

“We are here to drive awareness of diversity and inclusion within the food and drinks industry and also to help the industry on their diversity and inclusion journey, with the initial focus on gender balance.”

Food and agribusiness practice leader of Aon Ciara Jackson supporting the Agrifood Diversity and Inclusion webinar initiative.

The highly successful and popular masterclass worked on building confidence, with an underlying lesson that confidence is purely situational; built only when people recognise and utilise their own individual talents and skills.

Reinforcing this message, Michelle recalled memories of her most confident role model.

“When I think of superior confidence, I always think of my grandmother.

“Back in the 1960s, she was a van sales lady who travelled around the country selling to the butchers of Ireland.

“From that, in the late 70s, she set up her own pork and bacon business.

“She was wholly driven, supremely confident and always achieved her goals. I have always aspired to get to her level of confidence and today’s masterclass will help me on that journey.”


Encouraging those in the sometimes tough food and drinks industry to believe in their abilities, the webinar’s take-home message was: “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are probably right.”

This insightful webinar (among others) is still available to view online here.

2021 Masterclass series

The 2021 AgDIF virtual masterclass series will begin on 24 February, with the first session focusing on cognitive diversity.

Cognitive diversity is the term which describes the differing behaviours, experiences and expertise that individuals bring to a group.

The hour-long webinar will feature AsIAm CEO Adam Harris, who is set to discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Joining Adam, John Jordan from Ornua will share his perspectives on how cognitive diversity has made a difference at Ornua, the Irish agri food co-op.

With a Q&A session included, this webinar is particularly suited to leaders in the food, drinks and agriculture industries, to learn why differing views within their business can help it and your team thrive.

Register online here.

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