Agri Careers: industry movers and shakers
Sarah McIntosh
Come with us as we take a look at individuals working across the agri-food industry who have made moves and are shaking things up, writes Sarah McIntosh.
20 January 2024 News
Students graduate from innovative management development programme
Twenty nine staff members graduate from the Dawn Meats management development programme in association with University College Dublin.
13 January 2024 Education
Increased funding for Walsh scholars
Teagasc has announced an immediate increase to the annual stipend for Walsh scholars to €25,000 from 1 January 2024, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Agri jobs: career progression and the importance of networking
The importance of networking cannot be overlooked in terms of career progression. LinkedIn can be used as a professional tool to develop your professional profile, writes Sarah McIntosh.
26 December 2023 Agri jobs
Using work permits as a solution to on-farm labour shortages
With labour shortages seen across the agri-food sector, could work permits be one of the solutions? Sarah McIntosh talks to Martin Frayne, director of Potential Resources to find out.
25 December 2023 Agri jobs
Dairy diversions: the different careers paths in the sector
To mark Dairy Day, run by the Irish Farmers Journal, Sarah McIntosh outlines the different career pathways and opportunities available in the sector.
24 November 2023 Careers
Agri-food sector experiencing a tight labour market
With many companies across the sector struggling to find qualified candidates, the agri-food sector is currently experiencing a tight labour market, writes Sarah McIntosh.
22 November 2023 Agri jobs
Current employment market insights
Market insights on the current employment trends that can be seen across the agri-food sector from specialists in the hiring field.
22 November 2023 Agri jobs
Industry movers and shakers
In this new series, Sarah McIntosh outlines new appointments in the agri-food industry, highlighting working professionals making moves and shaking things up.
22 November 2023 News
Agri Careers: overcoming challenges and improving water quality
Aoife Feeney is one of the 2022 Nuffield Scholars, who has been travelling around the world identifying key methods to improve water quality at farm level, writes Sarah McIntosh.
8 November 2023 Careers