Paul decided to branch out on his own and a shiny new McConnel PA6070 was the machine of choice to get started with. Since that day, Paul has always used the top brand of hedge cutters to give his customers a timely and quality service.

Since the start of the business, he has gone through 3 different McConnel machines with the most recent one having turned up in November 2020. After 2 full seasons, Paul believes that this machine is the pinnacle of hedge cutting equipment available on the market.

The specification of this latest machine is very impressive with the Tuffcut head and heavy-duty rotor and flail carriers twinned with F14 flails. Paul says that this spec allows him to cut hedges that have up to four years’ growth and still do a nice tidy job.

Amazingly the same set of flails that came on the machine in 2020 are still in place and showing no major sign of wear or reduction of work quality. The innovative captive bolt head design of the Tuffcut head allows one-tool replacement of flails for quick and easy maintenance should Paul ever need to change one.

Paul uses a Power Arm 6570T with a Tuff cut head.

The current machine is a PA6570T, which has a 70hp motor with a 6.5 metre reach. These twinned with the previously mentioned Tuffcut head and heavier flails make this is a very high specification and high output machine in the right hands. Paul specified the Motion controller on his machine giving all the manoeuvrability and dexterity that he needs to give his customers the service they pay for.

Paul travels up to 30km from his Tipperary base to cut hedges. He finds the tidy transport position of the Power Arm very helpful when on some of the longer commutes. When asked why he has stuck with McConnel brand since the beginning, he said: “When you think of hedge cutters what do you think of but McConnel.”

This brand loyalty and the fact that he has always managed to get the machine specified the way he needs it means that he will stay with the brand as long as he is cutting hedges. The current machine was purchased from Abbey Retail on Clerihan and Paul says he has received “Top Class” service from both the sales and the service departments. He has found over the two years of ownership that the maintenance has been very straightforward and intuitive.

Paul has many facets to his business including reseeding, spraying, fertiliser and low-emission slurry spreading with a new dribble bar system. Paul believes in staying up to date with the latest innovations for his business as it allows him to give his customers the best possible service. Paul provides these services across the full range of customer types. Working for equine, dairy, tillage, sheep and beef enterprises.

His McConnel Power Arm 6570T is the centre of the operation as it fill all the gaps between the other services.

Over the last two years he has clocked between 1,000 and 1,200 hours per year on the hedge cutter.

Paul says that in the future he will stay using McConnel equipment in his business as it has stood the test of time and continues to give his customers the result and service they require.

For further information contact:

Leonard Hovenden: Product Manager McConnel – 00353 87 147 5137

Greg Tennyson: Area South - 00353 87 700 9689

Allan Hetherington: Area North – 0044 7826 544 630