Valtra has just announced the fifth generation of A series tractors.

The popular series, ideally suited to the livestock farmer, has previously received two Machine of the Year awards in 2017 and in 2019.

As well as moving to cleaner Stage V engines, the fifth generation of the A series includes a number of new features.

The updated A series comprises of seven models and three chassis configurations (S, M and L), all which are available as gear lever (GL) models with a simple 40km/h (12Fx12R) mechanical transmission.

Four-cylinder models now offer 5hp more than the previous generation.

Some of the subtle updates to the A series includes the redesigned bonnet.

The 105hp and 115hp models are offered with the option of the firm’s electronically controlled HiTech 4 (16Fx16R) four-step power-shift 40km/h transmission.

All models come as standard with a shuttle transmission with an integrated handbrake function.


The three-cylinder A75 to A95 models now offer the HiTech 2 transmission.

This splitter or powershift doubles gear ratios to 24Fx24R.

All models offer a creeper option, reducing speeds as low as 100m/h.

The AGCO Power engines meet Stage V standards by means of DPF and SCR injection without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Service intervals have increased from 500 to 600 hours and a new foot throttle has been added.

According to the firm, more than half of the A Series models leave the factory equipped with a front loader, so many of these new updates benefit loader models.

Therefore, the control armrest on all GL models has been upgraded.

The seven mode series also features a subtle new bonnet design, as well as the option of PTO buttons on the rear mudguards of HiTech 4 models.