Vredestein has added another four sizes to its Traxion Optimall VF range.

The tyre is now available in VF710/60R42 and VF650/65R42, aligned with the corresponding front sizes VF600/60R30 and VF540/65R30.

Vredestein feels there is a growing demand for VF technology in the 650/65R42 and 540/65R30 fitments, the main tyre combination for tractors from 160hp up to 250hp.

Vredestein claims the Traxion Optimall VF has more rubber in the centre of the tread in the driving direction for continuous road contact and excellent driving comfort.

The F+ technology keeps the tyre stable at low pressure during transport activities at high speed. A bold claim, but the manufacturer has said that its Traxion Optimall tyres last up to 30% longer than their premium competitors due to the large contact area on the road and well-chosen rubber compound.