One of the most recurring stories in Irish farming in 2020 has been the high number of quad thefts up and down the country.

Quad bikes are items that are now found on many Irish farm as a versatile and quick means of getting around the farm. But they are not cheap machines.

SUIP Maunufacters, Sligo, developers of the new Quad Lock. \ Brian Farrell

Farmers can pay anywhere from €3,000 to €8,000 for a decent quad bike, depending on its usage and condition. Because of this, they have become a prime target for thieves throughout Ireland.

One of the main reasons so many quad bikes are stolen every year is because they are difficult things to secure on your farm or property and they are items that are easily moved around – they are not as large as a trailer or horse box.

SUIP Maunufacters, Sligo, developers of the new Quad Lock. \ Brian Farrell

However, Sligo-based company SUIP Manufacturing may have the answer to the persistent problem of quad thefts.

Founded in 2015, SUIP Manufacturing specialises in making equipment for use by farmers on quads.

Security system

This includes products such as sprayers and yard scrapers designed specifically to fit on to a quad bike.

However, the company has now developed a new security locking system for quad bikes and ATVs after listening to customers talking about the problems of quad thefts at the National Ploughing Championships, the Balmoral Show and the Royal Highland Show.

This security system is a fixed locking system that is bolted to a concrete floor at a farm or property and uses a Diamond Standard locking system.

Since developing the product, SUIP Manufacturing has worked closely with a number of police agencies in Ireland and the UK.

The device is now the listed as the preferred locking system for all quad bikes and ATVs by each of the crime prevention units of the police forces in the UK and Northern Ireland, which is a significant vote of confidence.

Pius McCloat with his wife Liz and daughters Caroline and Dawn as he recieved his Enterprise Ireland award. \ Brian Farrell

While this product is relatively new to market, SUIP Manufacturing estimates it will have a retail price point of around €900.

However, SUIP is currently negotiating with a number of contract manufacturers, which may help bring down the retail price point of the product.

With over 10,000 quad bikes in Ireland alone there is a significant market for this product if it helps dramatically improve quad security for owners.

Pius McCloat of SUIP Maunufacters, Sligo, with his award. \ Brian Farrell

As a result of this new innovative security device for quad bikes, SUIP Manufacturing won the award for best micro-engineering company at this year’s 2020 Innovation Arena.