Last week saw theThrive dairy calf to beef demo farm get enough moisture to kick on grass growth above demand level. The farm is currently growing 47kg DM/ha with a daily demand of 43kg DM/ha.

The 140 yearling cattle are benefiting from there not being a build-up of grass on farm as they are consistently entering covers of between 1,300kg DM/ha and 1,400kg DM/ha.

They are grazing in four groups, two groups of bullocks and two groups of heifers. Paddocks are lasting three days on average and clean-outs are currently excellent.


The oldest batches of calves have now been weaned. They are at grass full time and eating 1.5kg/day concentrates on average. We will continue feeding at this level for the next couple of weeks until they are more settled at grass.

Calves are still being offered straw as a source of fibre and it is quite amazing how much they are eating, especially during cold nights or poor periods of weather.

The grass they are grazing is quite lush so having this fibre source available to them is important.

The youngest calves are still indoors while an intermediate bunch are out at grass by day and in the shed at night. They will be weaned later this week.

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