Curling up on your couch at home and bingeing Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime is, to be fair, a good way to get some downtime after a week’s work. Although it may take a bit more effort and conviction to get out of your comfy clothes to hit the town, cinemas can spice up the entertainment routine a little.

The dimly-lit room, smell of popcorn, big screen and the joy of seeing a movie well before it gets released to streaming platforms only adds to the ambience. Depending on where you are in the country, we have rounded up some of our movies you to see in cinemas this weekend.

Cry Macho

Labelled as drama/western, it is no surprise that For a Few Dollars More star Clint Eastwood has been chosen as the main lead. The movie follows Mike Milo (Eastwood), an ex-rodeo star who takes on a job from his ex-boss, Howard Polk. His task is to travel to Mexico to find and return Howard’s son Rafael, who is living with his alcoholic mother. Rafael is a teenage boy, actively involved in cockfighting and getting into all sorts of trouble. His rooster is called Macho. While Mike and Rafael are on their way back to Howard’s ranch in Texas, Mike begins teaching the young boy what it means to be a good man.

The movie is appropriate for viewers aged 12 and older (12A).

Boss Baby 2: Family Business

If you are looking for something to watch with young kids this weekend, the endearingly silly Boss Baby sequel is out in cinemas now. Ted, Tim and his secret agent daughter go to Baby Corp, where they drink a magical formula that transforms adults into babies for 48 hours. Their mission is to save other babies from an evil genius who is teaching the babies how to be bad. The trio have lots of bonding time and the one thing that keeps them going is the knowledge that family always sticks together.

The movie is rated G (general), meaning it is suitable for school-going children.

Breaking out

This documentary will have you on a rollercoaster of emotions. It pays homage to late musician Fergus O'Farrell. The movie follows his life, from being told he won’t live longer than 18 years after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, to his many great musical and personal successes. Director Michael McCormack filmed O’Farrell over 10 years and compiled this into an hour and a half of inspiring content, featuring commentary by Glen Hensard. Even if Fergus O’Farrell and his band Interference aren’t your kind of music, his love for life, his ambition and positivity is something everyone can connect with.

The documentary is rated 12A.

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