Regular visits to the apiary are essential during winter and spring months, since this is the time when bee colonies are likely to die from starvation or disease. On the odd occasion, a hive may be knocked over by livestock, deer or even the wind. Where hives are knocked over and the bees are still alive, they will cling on, despite the fact that the hive parts are strewn around. If the hive parts are carefully re-assembled, with attached bees, the hive may be saved and returned to its stand. It is surprising how well bees, despite cold and rain, can survive for some time in this situation.

Regular checks on the weight of each hive is essential during apiary visits in winter and spring. Light hives should be given some fondant placed over the bees to avert starvation. Whatever about losing bees from disease or other misfortune, there is no excuse for letting them die of starvation.