Having entered full production at the end of 2018 after its 2017 Agritechnica preview, Claas has now manufactured its 100th Terra Trac (TT) Jaguar forager.

The unit in question rolled off the production line on 4 February at the Harsewinkel plant in Germany.

The TT option remains only available on the firm’s Jaguar 960 (625hp) and flagship 990 (925hp) models. Interestingly, over 90% of models sold are the flagship 925hp 990 variant.

Largest market

The largest market for the Jaguar TT, according to Claas, is in the US, with some two-thirds destined for eastern dairy farms.

In southern and western states, the long crawler tracks and wheelbase, which is longer than that of its wheeled counterpart, leaves the TT unmatched for comfort and ride quality, especially when crossing centre-pivot ruts and flood irrigation ridges, according to senior vice-president of the Claas forage harvester division Dominik Grothe.

The Jaguar Terra Trac crawler units are only available for the 960 (625hp) and flagship 990 (925hp) models.

The track units are 635mm wide, leaving the Jaguar TT with an external width of less than 2.99m, and can therefore run on public roads.

The 100th machine, with serial number 49900100, is said to be initially used for technical training during the Jaguar expert camp scheduled for April.