A 1979 County 1474 ‘Short Nose’ tractor sold for €192,543 (£160,800) plus commission at the recent Cheffins vintage sale.

According to Cheffins, this 1474 was purchased in 2009 and was subject to a lengthy restoration project. Various old stock parts were sourced, along with a full set of period-correct Goodyear 18.4x38 tyres. The cab interior was relined, with the seat and toolbox left as they were in such good condition. Due to standing during the pandemic, the vendor undertook some light recommissioning work.

This 1989 Ford 7810 Silver Jubilee sold for €54,554 (£45,560) plus commission.

This Mailam Dexta crawler tractor sold for €17,971 (£15,008) to a collector in New York.

This County Super-6 fetched a price of €26,343 (£22,000) and was sold to a collector in the south of Ireland.

The other 190 tractors on offer at the Cheffins sale ground included a 1989 Ford 7810 Silver Jubilee, which sold for €54,554 (£45,560), while a 1977 County 1174 sold for €40,712 (£34,000), and a 1939 Marshall Model M single-cylinder example with original rear tyres and 24in rims sold for €25,146 (£21,000). A 1973 David Brown 996 sold for €22,463 (£18,760) and a Mailam Dexta crawler tractor sold for €17,971 (£15,008). A County Super-6 was sold to a collector in the south of Ireland for €26,343 (£22,000).