Paddy Jordan and Clive Kavanagh from Jordan Auctioneers, Newbridge, have a number of fine properties on the market and among them is a circa 205-acre residential grass farm situated at Clonaghlis, Ardclough, Straffan, Co Kildare.

Most people will be familiar with the renowned Lyons Estate located outside Newcastle and this property adjoins Lyons at the boundary. Used for both beef and sheep over the years, but mostly for sheep, the Ardclough farm is set out in one large expansive 205-acre block that features 12 sprawling fields, characterised by towering mature trees. Formerly used as a training centre, an all-weather gallop (now disused) was constructed on the land a number of years ago, which gives an indication of the combination of level plains and gradual rises found at various locations throughout the farm.