It is time to think about salads. Good healthy food and local produce are the basics. This salad makes a great starter – then get creative. Puy lentils have a greeny, slate-grey colour and definitely the best flavour. You may have to go to a health-food shop to find them, but you could use canned puy lentils, which require no cooking. I like to make this salad a little while before I need it, so all the flavours have time to soak into the lentils.

It is hard to beat leg of lamb on a Sunday. Here it is fragrantly spiced before being baked for over four hours. The flesh will be almost soft enough to part from its bones with a spoon. I normally love my lamb rose-pink and juicy, but this recipe is absolutely delicious. Just think of the smell of the quietly roasting lamb teasing everyone! It will be well worth the wait.