In a budget that aimed to give a little to everybody, providing farmers with a means to access cheaper credit has been long sought after by Macra na Feirme. Seán Finan, national president of Macra na Feirme, said: ‘‘Affordable credit is the lifeblood of a young farmer’s business when starting out and establishing themselves in the industry. We look forward to hearing the full details of the proposal but our understanding is that it is unsecured credit, which is favourable to young farmers as they may not have the necessary assets to act as security, but have a comprehensive business plan and will be able to demonstrate repayment capacity.’’

The extension of the farm restructuring relief scheme until 2019 is a boost, which will aid land mobility. This move further extends the existing measure and will aid the mobility of land, allowing farmers to consolidate their holdings in a tax-efficient way. Commenting on this development, Finan said: ‘‘Getting the correct structural environment regarding land mobility for Irish farming is essential for future growth and competitiveness of the industry.’’