Family finance: making your money work for you and your family
Money to invest and paying family members – your finance queries answered by our financial experts Margaret Nolan and Jerry O Neill
10 August 2022 News
Farmer stamp duty relief measures under review
Department of Finance officials are reviewing farmer stamp duty relief measures ahead of Budget 2023, the Irish Farmers Journal can reveal.
3 August 2022 Consumer
Consumer- Back to School costs
Back to school costs including the ‘not-so-voluntary’ contribution fee continue to put parents under pressure, this year more than others, they are really feeling the financial strain, writes Ciara Leahy.
Consumer- five steps to help clear your credit card debt
Last week in Irish Country Living, we give advice on tackling debt. This week, we look more specifically at the credit card.
27 July 2022 Consumer
Consumer- tackling debt
Is it finally time to tackle that mounting debt? piece, Paul Merriman, CEO of askpaul & Pax Financial shares his tips and advice on what you can do to start managing your finances.
20 July 2022 Consumer
Childcare Series - (Part 5) Supports in Sweden
Sweden is one of the best countries in the OECD for childcare and early education. Gerry and Susanna McCarthy talk about the supports put in place when their son Erik was diagnosed with autism.
20 July 2022 Consumer
Childcare Series- (Part 5) The Mama Bear Instinct to get the right supports
In the final week of our childcare series, Ciara Leahy talks to parents of children with additional needs about their experiences of accessing services, at home and abroad.
20 July 2022 Consumer
Childcare series 4/5 (P2)- the right start for children with additional needs
ECCE providers give their everyday experiences on how children with additional needs are supported in the classroom and why the AIM model needs to be better funded and improved, writes Ciara Leahy.
13 July 2022 Consumer
Childcare series 4/5 (P1)- the right start for children with additional needs
The Access and Inclusion Model (AIM), recognised as one of the best models in Europe was introduced to the early education sector in 2016. Underfunding within the sector as a whole has impact.
13 July 2022 Consumer
Machinery cost increases a 'necessary evil'
Rachel Donovan caught up with machinery dealers at the FTMTA show in Punchestown on Wednesday to gauge how business is going so far this year.
13 July 2022 News
Report finds ‘severely low’ levels of farmer trust in banks
A report commissioned on the trust borrowers have for lenders has found that farmers are more distrustful of banks than the public in general.
11 July 2022 News
Finance: will a career break affect my pension?
Margaret Nolan considers the effect a career break may have on your pension.
6 July 2022 Money Mentor