The most up-to-date information can be gleaned from Tyson Foods which processes beef, pigmeat and chicken and has a year-end of 1 October.

Its operating profit for the year ending 1 October from its beef division was $2.5bn (€2.35m) a still exceptionally strong 12.6% though substantially down on the record $3.24bn, or 18% achieved for the year ending 1 October 2021.

A better indication of performance in the latter part of 2022 can be found in its fourth-quarter results.

These show an operating profit in the beef division of $375m, which is a still strong 7.7% but nothing like the exceptional $1.147bn or 22.9% achieved in its fourth quarter in 2021.

Their pigmeat sector saw a drop in profits in 2022 to $193m with a loss in the final quarter, while poultry returned to profit posting a $955m operating income or 5.6%.

The company said that the price of beef sales kept pace with rising input costs such as live cattle, labour, freight and transportation costs, but fell in the latter part of the year as demand for premium cuts fell.

Cattle prices in the US remained high at the end of the year at the equivalent of €5.15/kg for an animal with a 60% killout. It is believed that high cattle prices and weaker markets have put pressure on factory profits in the latter part of 2022.