Arrabawn Co-op, based out of Nenagh in north Tipperary, decided at the last board meeting to put 5c/l on to the fixed milk price which it says brings its uplift in total to 6.5c/l on fixed milk price.

It follows similar moves by Carbery in west Cork and Lakeland last week. Aurivo also decided to lift the fixed milk price this week, putting 5c/l on the milk fixed at 32.5 c/l and 3.5c/l on the milk fixed at 38c/l.

Kerry also concluded the fixed milk price offering upgrade to suppliers this week. It offered a 5c/l uplift if you fixed for another year (2023).

The requirement was to lock in the same volumes for 2023 at 45.5c/l. About 10% of the Kerry milk pool is in fixed milk.

North Cork Co-op, which for the size of the co-op, has a large pool of fixed milk (25%) offered a 10c/l top-up on fixed milk price this year, allowing suppliers to use this top-up on 75% of the volume they have fixed.

The requirement is also to lock in the same volume for 2023 at 42c/l. The 2c/l bonus top-up also goes on all milk including the fixed milk price pool. Last week, we reported that Dairygold Co-op and Dale Farm had decided not to do anything at the April board meeting for its suppliers locked into fixed milk price schemes.

Glanbia, which has the largest pool of fixed milk, has created a new scheme but on condition that suppliers sign up for two more years at 38c/l with only a feed price adjustment. We understand maybe 250 of the 500 eligible Glanbia milk suppliers for this scheme have taken it up.