Milk prices see cuts of 2.5c/l for July
Rachel Donovan
Milk price is back by over 20c/l compared to this time last year.
18 August 2023 News
Carbery cuts milk price but provides top-up
Carbery Group is the last major milk processor to announce the price it will pay for July milk supplies.
26 July 2023 News
Holly Cairns TD’s attack on IFA a ‘cheap shot’ – Rushe
The IFA is not denying climate science, insisted its deputy president Brian Rushe, as he refuted claims made by Holly Cairns TD.
Milking it in high country
With an annual rainfall average of two metres and farming at up to 850ft above sea level, the Kingston family near Dunmanway, Co Cork, have had to adapt how they farm to their surroundings. Tommy Moyles reports.
19 July 2023 Management
Nitrates derogation renewal debate
With recent water quality results demanded by the European Commission showing continued problems the nitrates derogation looks under threat.
19 July 2023 Viewpoints
Carbery cuts June milk price
Carbery is still the highest paying processor for June milk so far.
19 July 2023 News
Bord Bia condemns footage as criteria for calf slaughter ban is approved
Critical non-compliances in relation to calf welfare under SDAS include use of unauthorised remedies and the on-farm slaughter of calves.
12 July 2023 News
'Struggling' dairy markets see co-ops cut prices
Carbery sits at the top of the milk league table, paying farmers 39.1c/l, excluding VAT, for May milk.
21 June 2023 News
Aurivo and Arrabawn set May milk prices
Aurivo is the third major milk processor to set a price below the 36c/l mark.
21 June 2023 News
Carbery tops May milk price
Carbery has set the highest milk price for May supplies.
21 June 2023 News
AIB announces financial partnership with Farm Zero C project
AIB will provide financial support towards the research, promotion and public advocacy of the work under way at Shinagh, where the project is based.
12 June 2023 News
Carbery leads with April milk
All processors have set their April milk price below 40c/l with Carbery and Arrabawn leading the pack.
24 May 2023 News