Amazone has announced that it has become a strategic partner of the Dutch start-up company AgXeed.

According to the firm, the aim of the partnership is to further develop Amazone mounted implements for autonomous use in the field.

An important part of this move is to develop accessible interfaces to ensure compatibility and connectivity between the implements and the tractors in control. Together, this will provide maximum benefit for both parties.

The focus is on the customer’s specific requirements, enabling them, through this partnership between AgXeed, Claas and Amazone, to find the best solution on the market.

Autonomous platforms

The autonomous platforms from AgXeed are an ideal fit to its product range, according to Amazone.

The combination of minimal ground pressure, optimised weight distribution and flexible mounting zones open up new possibilities and smarter solutions within tillage farming.

The tracked AgBot has already been successfully used in conjunction with Amazone cultivation and seeding equipment in recent years.

In addition to cultivation and seeding, the new four-wheeled AgBot can also be used with Schmotzer hoeing systems for mechanical weed control.

The four-wheeled AgXeed AgBot and 3m Amazone rotary harrow with GreenDrill catch crop seeder box.

The FTender universal front hopper system for seed and fertiliser, along with the FT-P for crop protection agents and liquid fertilisers, can also be combined with a range of Amazone machinery for specific applications.

For the farmer, the use of autonomous management systems ultimately means more time is freed up so that farmers can focus on other aspects of the business.

AgXeed is one of Europe's leading companies in the area of automation.

After the 115kW tracked version was launched in 2020, the three-wheeled AgBot for orchards and vineyards followed in 2021 and recently the four-wheeled AgBot, each with 55kW. All vehicles are diesel-electric.