Oats research being carried out to support future expansion
There is increased interest in food-grade oats and it is important that management advice is correct. Atikur Rahman reports from Teagasc Oak Park.
2 June 2023 News
Tillage Podcast: looking at crops in the sunshine in Kilkenny
On this week’s Tillage Podcast, we walk some crops with James Irish of Bretts in Co Kilkenny and catch up with Dermot Forristal of Teagasc Oakpark ahead of the Crops open day.
31 May 2023 Husbandry
Accompany the Agronomist: dry weather taking pressure off
Dry weather is slowing disease, while some agronomists are reporting that early-sown crops are struggling and weeds in beet are hard to control.
Submit weed seeds for testing if you suspect herbicide resistance
Be more proactive in resistance testing to prevent creating future weed problems on your farm, urges Teagasc researcher Vijaya Bhaskar.
31 May 2023 Crops
Moisture needed soon to avoid stressed crops
This week, Conor Kehoe chats to farmers in Tipperary, Carlow, and Dublin as cracks begin to widen on dry land.
Nitrates action programme concerns all farmers
When we talk about nitrates, many farmers often think it refers to highly stocked farms and the nitrates derogation, but it has a much wider brief that affects all farmers.
31 May 2023 Nitrates
A reminder of the stubble cultivation rules for 2023
Tillage farmers are required to cultivate stubbles after harvest to create a green cover and take up nitrates from the soil.
31 May 2023 Nitrates
Grain Trends: global production forecasts add pressure to grain markets
Expectations for global maize supplies remain high, but this remains uncertain until the crops, especially in the US, are through the key yield-forming stages
31 May 2023 Markets
Tillage Management: drier weather a help to reduce disease
Tillage farmers are no doubt enjoying the better weather at present, which should help to reduce disease levels on plants.
31 May 2023 Husbandry
Grant approvals letters for €3.1m seed potato and chipping potato scheme
The scheme has provided growers the ability “to develop capacity and facilitating the expansion of a sustainable homegrown industry,” Minister Hackett said.
31 May 2023 News
O’Sullivan calls for funds and balance on pesticides regulations
The Irish Farmers Journal met with Grace O’Sullivan last week in Brussels. The Green Party MEP is calling for funds to incentivise improved plant protection product use.
30 May 2023 News
Pesticides: amenity use cuts and rewarding lower use
Colm Markey has said that the focus of pesticide reduction targets should be on amenity and domestic use.
28 May 2023 News