The Aughrim Sheep Breeders group is one of the oldest in the country holding sales of breeding females.

Situated in the heartland of Cheviot sheep in Wicklow, the sale in Carnew Mart on Friday 2 September will offer mature Cheviot ewes, ewe hoggets and ewe lambs.

Demand for such Cheviot sheep has increased significantly in recent years, with numbers of good-quality females with strong maternal characteristics in tight supply.

This is due to a combination of more producers breeding Suffolk-cross-Cheviot lambs and also in places by fewer sheep being run on hill terrain.

Prizes for all classes

The Suffolk-cross-Cheviot entries will also include mature ewes, ewe hoggets and ewe lambs, with prizes for all the classes mentioned above, along with the best pen of butcher-type lambs.

The lamb sale starts at 11am, while the sale for ewe hoggets and ewes is predicted to take place around 1pm, with over 2,000 sheep expected to be on offer. Bidding is ringside and also through the LSL online sales platform.

Further information can be obtained from show secretary Alan Kinsella on 087-279 2157 or email or by contacting Carnew Mart directly on 053-942 6234.