Bauer to introduce noise-insulated irrigation pump sets
Bauer have recently introduced a new range of irrigation pump sets for applications where an exposed diesel engine running for hours on end is likely to cause disturbance.

The mobile pump sets offer a choice of FPT engines, starting with a 4.5 litre four-cylinder engine outputting 100hp (74kW) to a 6.7-litre six-cylinder with 125hp (93kW). Fuel tanks sizes of 650, 1,000 and 1,500 litre capacity, all built around the renowned Bauer pumps. The pumps feature an electronic control panel that can be linked to the SmartRain remote control system, via Bauer’s smartphone app.

The new design has a fully soundproofed enclosure around the engine, pump and controller, which are all accessible via lockable doors. Suction and pressurised outfeed hose couplings, exhaust and emergency stop button are located on the outside of the canopy.

The optional CIM136 controller adds automatic engine speed control to maintain water pressure and an integrated modem for remote start/stop via a mobile phone.

Continued growth for Lemken
German farm implement manufacturer Lemken has seen an increase in both turnover and employment figures for 2018 despite difficult conditions.

German farm implement manufacturer Lemken saw an increase in both turnover and employment figures for 2018, despite difficult conditions.

Its total turnover of €380m corresponded to a growth rate of 6%, while exports outside of Germany remained at an unchanged 77%.

According to Lemken, the dry conditions of 2018 saw order numbers decrease.

Russia took title of second-largest export market, although not meeting its full expectations

Anthony van der Ley, managing director, noted that the turbulent weather had a massive impact on the company’s schedules and planning, leaving suppliers under pressure.

Germany remains the tillage equipment manufacturer’s strongest market, while France, Spain and Italy generated top sales figures for Lemken.

Russia took title of second-largest export market, although not meeting its full expectations.

Lemkens’s Indian production site, in its sixth year, saw a noticeable increase in its two- to three-furrow plough sales.

Overall, Lemken’s plough and disc harrow sector achieved positive growth.

Lemken has invested €8.5m in factory expansion and modernisation, improving factory logistics in particular.

2018 not only saw an increase in turnover, but likewise in staff growth employing an additional 165 people, raising the brand’s total employment figure to 1,635 people.

According to the German manufacturer, the year ahead looks positive, with order numbers on track so far.

Komatsu WA100M-8 wheel loader hits Irish market
Komatsu has recently launched its latest version WA100M-8 compact wheel loader on the Irish market. Peter Thomas Keaveney reports.

Komatsu recently launched its latest WA100M-8 compact wheel loader on the Irish market.

The wheel loader is powered by a 94hp (70 kW) common rail direct injection EU Stage IV engine. It has an operating weight of 7,200kg. The higher-specification high-flow optional version has a maximum flow rate of 120l/min at 210 bar.

Komatsu WA100M-8 wheel loader hits Irish market

The new loader is equipped with a fully automatic hydrostatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels. The machine has an increased travel speed of up to 40km/h.

The 40km/h transmission has three speed ranges: creep 0-10km/h, 0-15km/h and 0-40km/h. It also comes with an electronic controlled suspension system as an optional extra. The loader is sitting on planetary rigid axles with automatic limited slip differentials in both axles, with 100% locking differentials as an option. It has a 110l fuel tank.

Samco adds Trimble GPS option
Samco has recently added the Trimble GPS as an option to its maize planter. Peter Thomas Keaveney reports.

The well-known Samco System was first developed in 1996.

The company developed a maize drill to sow seed, lay degradable film over the seedbed and spray pre-emergence herbicide to control weed growth, all in one pass.

The Samco machine comes in two working widths, either as 3.2m or 4.6m. The narrower model comes with two sections, while the wider version has three sections.

The sprayer has an output of 250l per hectare with the spray pressure controlled by the forward speed of the machine.

Up to now Samco, has been using the Spray Lite System on its sprayer, manufactured by the German Müller Corporation.

Now, the system is available with the Trimble GPS pressure system installed, controlling sprayer output in relation to forward speed, guiding the driver through a visual guidance in-cab monitor.

This will help to ensure accurate herbicide placement and better field coverage.