Water quality leaving dairy exports ‘exposed’ - MEP
Noel Bardon
Improving water quality in dairying areas would benefit the green credentials of dairy exports, Colm Markey MEP has said.
11 May 2022 News
Over half of total county council farm inspections carried out in Cork
Analysis of the figures behind local authorities’ farm inspections completed in 2020 and 2021 has shown varied levels of farm inspections between counties.
4 May 2022 News
Society wants stop to dairy’s impact on water quality – Tom Arnold
The dairy sector will have to improve water quality, should it wish to expand further, Arnold said.
€20m for project protecting water quality of pristine rivers
Six river catchments have been chosen to participate in the project, which will run until 2028.
3 May 2022 News
Thrive: stamping out navel sucking before it becomes a real problem
Navel sucking can be a real problem in the calf rearing shed if calves are allowed to develop the habit. Early intervention is key to preventing it.
27 April 2022 Management
42% fewer pesticide exceedances in Irish water in 2021
Despite a welcome decrease in pesticide exceedances in 2021, parts of Longford, Limerick, Cavan, Wexford, Mayo and Limerick are areas of concern for Irish Water.
26 April 2022 News
Dairy Management: dealing with pica in cows
Some advice for farmers whose cows tend to exhibit signs of pica, or chewing stones and other objects at this time of year.
13 April 2022 Management
‘Next 30 years the most important there will ever be in agriculture’
The Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland hosted the 10th Michael Dillon Memorial Lecture on Friday night in Dublin.
9 April 2022 News
Five tips to ad-lib finishing spring-born bulls
Spring-born bulls that will be slaughtered by 16 months of age should be moving on to ad-lib concentrates. Here are five tips to managing bulls through the final finishing phase.
12 March 2022 Management
Supreme Court cheese plant decision clear and decisive
The grounds for appeal presented by An Taisce were all dismissed by the Supreme Court.
23 February 2022 News
Grass+: grazing resumes on dry farms
Ground conditions are tricky but those with dry land are managing to get grass back in the diet, writes Aidan Brennan.
23 February 2022 Grass & feeding
One in 20 rural water supplies contaminated with E coli
The latest reports on water quality are of significant concern for public health, according to the EPA.
22 February 2022 News