The Scottish beaver population has more than doubled to around 1,000 animals in the last three years according to NatureScot.

The Government agency’s survey shows that the reintroduced species has also doubled its territories, which now total 251. The population ranges from Glen Isla to Dundee and Stirling, Forfar to Crianlarich, and is likely to expand into Loch Lomond in the future.

The protected species has come into conflict with farmers as it can cause flooding by damaging river banks.

However, NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy believes that management options are working.

“These latest NatureScot survey results provide unequivocal evidence of a conservation and reintroduction success story.

However, it is vitally important that where mitigation measures are not working, and significant agricultural damage continues to occur, that licenced lethal control remains as a last resort,” he said.