The Beef Plan Movement CLG has over 1,000 paid-up members in the three weeks since it invited membership renewals, its chair Eamon Corley told the 2021 AGM last Thursday evening.

The online meeting, attended by over 90 people, heard from the five company directors, Jason Fitzgerald (Cork) John Moloney (Limerick) Kevin O’Brien and Emmanuel O’Dea (both Galway) and Hugh Doyle (Meath).

Accountant and part-time cattle farmer John Burke presented the 2019 accounts. They showed a total income of €107,670, with a similar total expenditure of €101,709.

Almost €19,000 of this expenditure related to legal and professional fees, with €13,000 for administration costs and meeting costs of €10,000.

Travel expenses and bus hire came to €11,400, with signs and banners accounting for a further €12,432, and printing and stationary another €9,400.

“Accounts should be relevant, accurate, and timely,” said Burke, adding that the 2020 accounts should and would be completed as soon as possible.

Seven sub-committees were formed, covering animal health, input purchasing, CAP, suckler beef, dairy beef, beef price and environment, O’Dea explained. Kevin O’Brien said that 6,000 cattle have been sold through the Emerald Isle Producers, and Moloney highlighted the purchasing group that has been set up.

Hugh Doyle said: “We have learned from our mistakes but we need to use those mistakes to make a path forward.”