Spring 2024 has been tough on farmers and it has left many people at an all-time low in terms of morale, mental health and enthusiasm to head out into the yard every day.

While it is easy said, try to keep a positive mindset as much as possible.

Also, pay attention to the mood and body language of friends and neighbours when talking to them.

Drop in on a neighbour or call at the local mart for an hour. These farmers are facing similar challenges to yourself, so it is good to hear how they are coping over a cup of tea.

Make a point to change the subject away from weather as much as possible, as this topic can turn a conversation in a negative tone.

There are plenty of other things happening in the world outside farming. A 10-minute recap of the local club match last weekend or expectations from the big championship games to come will be more upbeat.

Weather conditions are forecast to take a turn for the better and, hopefully, grazing and fieldwork can start in the next week to 10 days.

Until then, small things like a bit of craic with a few farming friends will help give the mind a lift.

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