We can’t walk 1,000 miles in one go; but we can walk one mile 1,000 times
Want to make a big change in your life? Then start with small steps, writes Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of
1 February 2023 News
IFA partner with Age Friendly to host over-55s event in Kilcullen mart
A number of speakers will cover topics ranging from health and well-being to security.
25 January 2023 Health
A wheel dilemma: should you be on or off the road?
Some medical conditions can impact our ability to drive. What are they and what are the regulations around them? Margaret Hawkins reports
Are we burying our head in the sand on calf issues?
Adam Woods takes a look at this week’s calf focus and asks why more progress isn’t being made on DNA calf registration.
25 January 2023 Management
46% rise in calf-rearing costs since 2021
Calf rearing was once seen as a low-cost system to establish on farm but with rising input costs farmers need to carefully plan purchases this spring.
25 January 2023 Breeding & health
Think, talk and tell - why it’s so important
Not making decisions about the medical care you want at end of life can throw unwanted stress on family members. Margaret Hawkins talks to Dr Tony Holohan about why there’s comfort in planning ahead.
18 January 2023 Health
Your calf questions answered by the experts
Aidan Brennan sat down with Teagasc calf rearing experts Emer Kennedy and Alison Sinnott to get answers to common calf rearing questions.
18 January 2023 Calves
Captive audience at Carbery farmer conference
There was a good attendance at Carbery’s annual farmer conference in the Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery. One of the standout presentations on the night was on the topic of mental health.
18 January 2023 Dealer
Thrive: what weight should dairy beef yearlings be today?
A midwinter weighing is really important to ensure dairy beef animals remain on target during the period when most stock fall behind.
18 January 2023 Grass & feeding
Healthbytes: from symptoms of childhood illnesses to getting better sleep
Want to know when you should seek medical help for your child? What symptoms could flag RSV or Strep A? Tips for getting better sleep? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more.
11 January 2023 Health
Dairy management: January is the month for vaccines
With only weeks to go before the main calving season, Aidan Brennan goes through the key animal health tasks for dairy cows.
9 January 2023 Management
Mental health: coping with empty nest syndrome
Dreading an ‘empty nest’ this new year? Psychotherapist Claire Lyons Forde explains how to survive - and thrive - this next chapter in your life.
4 January 2023 Health