Mart manager Michael Harty said there were “good quality cattle”, and “considering the weather, there was a good trade. Numbers remain a little lower for the time of year but we would expect bigger numbers next week with the weather forecast improving”.

While there were some shippers buying, it was predominantly farmer customers around the ring.

The mart trade has steadied up a little over the last seven days especially in the south of the country where grass buyers are starting to appear out again after a very difficult spring.

This week's Irish Farmers Journal Martbids analysis shows that lighter bullocks and heifers saw the biggest gains in the last seven days of mart trading.

Average price per kilo

The average price per kilo was €2.92, nearly a 20c/kg increase on last week’s sale, with the top 33% going for an average of €3.29/kg.

Topping the sale was an eight-month-old Limousin bull weighing 395kg. He sold for €1,750 (€4.43/kg).

The next sale is Wednesday 24 April at 2pm, with heifers selling first followed by the bulls.

Topping the sale was this August 2023-born Limousin bull weighing 395kg that made €1,750 (€4.43/kg).

This September 2023-born Charlaois bull weighed 355kg and sold for €1,370 (€3.86/kg).

This February 2023-born Parthenaise bull weighing 530kg sold for €1,590 (€3/kg).

This June 2022-born Limousin heifer weighing 415kg made €1,260 (€3.04/kg).

This July 2022-born Simmental bullock weighing 420kg sold for €1,160 (€2.76/kg).

This October 2023-born Hereford heifer weighing 300kg made €830 (€2.77/kg).

This October 2023-born Limousin bull weighing 245kg made €790 (€3.22/kg).

This February 2023-born Angus heifer weighing 200kg made €590 (€2.95/kg).

This June 2023-born Charlaois heifer weighing 355kg made €1,060 (€2.99/kg).