Aberdeen and Northern Marts held a joint store and breeding sale at Thainstone Mart, Scotland, with 611 cattle going under the hammer.

The highlight of the day was a special entry of 101 high-health status heifers, which went on to sell for an average price of £2.62/kg (€3.08/kg).

All heifers were between 16 and 28 months old, BVD-accredited, fully vaccinated and ready for breeding.

These three Limousin heifers, aged 17 months, sold for £1,420 (€1,670).

Topping the trade at £1,820 (€2,121) was a 588kg Simmental from W S Stronach & Partners, Berryleys, Grange.

The farm also sold the highest price-per-kilo heifer at £3.44/kg (€4.05), paid on two occasions for 522kg Simmentals.

Large-framed Simmental heifers were highly sought after, as they continue to be the most popular choice of breed for suckler replacements on many farms in the Aberdeenshire region.

These two Limousin heifers, aged 16 months, sold for £1,260 (€1,482).

Lighter heifers

The top price for lighter heifers up to 450kg liveweight was £1,300 (€1,529) and for animals weighing between 451kg and 500kg, prices peaked at £1,480 (€1,741).

For heifers weighing between 501kg and 550kg, the trade topped out at £1,720 (€2,023).

Moving to heifers weighing from 601kg to 650kg, fierce bidding saw prices running upwards to £1,780 (€2,094).

This Limousin heifer, aged 27 months, sold for £1,350 (€1,588).

Animals weighing 651kg to 700kg saw prices top out at £1,600 (€1,882), which equates to a price per kilo of £2.30/kg (€2.71/kg).

Store cattle

The store cattle on offer earlier in the sale averaged £2.30/kg (€2.71/kg) for steers and £2.37/kg (€2.79/kg) for heifers.

There were 58 weaned calves sold for an average of £990/head (€1,164).

This Limousin heifer, aged 23 months, sold for £1,250 (€1,470).

Head auctioneer John Angus said: “Quality cattle continued to sell at recent rates with more of a mixed show forward.

“A good selection of heifers suitable for breeding were forward, with the sale topping at £1,820. Many lots realised £1,500-plus.”

Other lots

These two Simmental heifers, aged 16 months, sold for £1,280 (€1,505).

These two Simmental heifers, aged 16 months, sold for £1,480 (€1,741).

These two Simmental heifers, aged 17 months, sold for £1,800 (€2,117).

This Simmental heifer, aged 17 months, sold for the highest price at £1,820 (€2,121).

These two Simmental-cross heifers, aged 17 months, sold for £1,300 (€1,529).

This Salers-cross heifer, aged 18 months, sold for £1,120 (€1,318).

This Limousin heifer, aged 15 months, sold for £1,150 (€1,352).

These three Simmental heifers, aged 15 to 17 months, sold for £1,540 (€1,811).

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