The future is bright for anaerobic digestion, as the drive to increase biomethane production intensifies.

According to chair of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) Chris Huhne, who opened the 2023 World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, this is an extremely exciting time in the anaerobic digestion sector.

He made reference to the significant investments made by large energy companies such as Shell, BP and Total Energies into biomethane.


"People have suddenly woken up to the sector," he remarked, and the ability to produce renewable gas at home means we don’t have to import fossil gas from countries such as Russia.

If you look at where this growth will be, while there will be some developments in the food waste sector, most of it will come from agriculture.

This will present opportunities for farmers, while helping to decarbonise the agricultural sector.

More to follow.