Green diesel prices stable at just over €1/l
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Over the course of the past month, brent crude oil has fluctuated from $79-86/barrel, equating to a current green diesel price of €1.01/l to €1.05/l (VAT inclusive) across the country.
Emissions from new Irish gas field would be 89% lower than imported gas - report
The emissions intensity of indigenous Irish natural gas from the existing Corrib field and the new Inishkea field would be 89% lower than imported gas from the UK a new report suggests.
2 March 2023 News
Department anaerobic digestion strategy in the works
Grass will be the primary feedstock of anaerobic digesters planned to reduce carbon emissions.
Kubota approves alternative fuels for diesel engines
Kubota has approved the use of the paraffinic fuels hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and gas to liquid (GTL) in all its diesel engines.
2 March 2023 News
Letter to the Editor: Two tiered system to improve farm safety
Darragh and Muireann from Scoil Mhuire Fatima, Co Laois, wrote to IFJ Junior to highlight the risk of death associated with slurry on farms.
22 February 2023 Letters
EU carbon price tops €100 per tonne for the first time
Benchmark price was close to €10 in 2018.
22 February 2023 News
New biomethane developers to unlock small-scale AD
Stephen Robb talks to Laurence Molke, CEO of CycleØ, about the company's plans to develop small- to medium-scale anaerobic digestion plants in Ireland.
22 February 2023 Climate and environment
Fertiliser price reductions must be passed on to farmers - IFA
Fertiliser suppliers made huge profits in 2022 and farmers should now see a reduction in price, says the IFA.
16 February 2023 News
Fertiliser crisis leading to soaring food prices - Markey
Colm Markey MEP has said that the EU must take action to support Irish farmers in this fertiliser crisis.
16 February 2023 News
European Parliament endorses new EU target for biomethane
Ireland needs to develop a biomethane plan and map locations around the country with the highest potential for biomethane production.
15 February 2023 News
Shift in outlook and operations for BP and Shell
Energy giants BP and Shell are making changes to their energy outlook and operations as they seek to navigate the energy transition.
1 February 2023 News
Fertiliser companies slow to cut prices
Price quotes on nitrogen fertiliser shows little sign of movement in the short term.
25 January 2023 Northern Ireland