Biomethane in line for slice of €3bn climate and nature fund
Noel Bardon
The fund is has also been pitched as a source of funding for farmers' efforts to improve water quality, emissions cuts and biodiversity.
19 June 2024 News
Biomethane imports set to rise with new obligation scheme
A new heat obligation scheme will require suppliers of natural gas to blend biomethane into their fuel supply and may lead to more biomethane being imported, undercutting Irish producers.
19 June 2024 Renewables
Anaerobic digestion sector can have 'no room for cheats'
A major biomethane conference heard that farmers could be in a strong negotiating position for supply anaerobic digesters if the industry takes off.
480-acre solar farm planned for Limavady
If the solar farm progresses, it will be the biggest development in NI so far and one of the largest on the island.
19 June 2024 News
Emboldened industry-led AD sector drives on
The die is cast, the players are here and the international money is in place to back them; the Irish anaerobic digestion sector has been born and it will be developer-led, writes Stephen Robb.
19 June 2024 News
Technology Villages at BEEF 2024
Paul Crosson takes a look at some of technology villages at BEEF 2024
19 June 2024 Breeding & health
AD plants wanted for new Mitchelstown grid injection facility
AD plants who cannot connect to the gas grid are invited to submit an expression of interest to supply biomethane to Gas Networks Ireland’s new Central Grid Injection facility in Mitchelstown, Cork.
17 June 2024 News
Farmers should use co-op model to supply AD plants - Minister Ryan
Those considering a move to supply anaerobic digestion plants should look to farming's co-op traditions to get the best deal they can, according to Minister Ryan.
12 June 2024 Renewables
Anaerobic digestion training course set for June
The course is tailored for farmers who are considering anaerobic digestion, as well as policymakers, researchers and current biogas operators and their staff.
12 June 2024 Renewables
Butter wars on US shop shelves
It is high time for the Ornua boss to sit everyone down and bring some common sense to the table.
12 June 2024 Viewpoints
AD is a rich man’s game
Is €393 ticket for an AD conference the best use of a farmers' hard earned cash.
12 June 2024 Dealer
2,000 farmers needed for seven new mega biogas plants
Greengate Biogas Partnership, launched this week in Croke Park, aims to bring the Danish anaerobic digestion model to Ireland by developing seven large projects, working with 2,000 farmers.
12 June 2024 News